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DAILYMetrix Functional Liquid
Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral and Wholefood Complex

Package core product to supply a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and wholefood complexes. In addition to supporting our Comprehensive Vitality Packages, DAILYMetrix has been shown to be effective for the following issues:

Anti-Microbial & Immunity Support, Metabolic & Blood Oxygenation Support, Cellular Electrical Potential Enhancement, Heart, Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Support, Organ Cleanse & Detoxification, Digestive System & Colon Support, Musculoskeletal & Joint Support, Anti-Aging & Vision Support, Energy, Mental Clarity & Alertness, Weight Management and also Provides Powerful Antioxidants as well as Phytonutrient Compounds and assists with Healthy pH Levels.

Our powerful formula contains 310 of the Earth’s finest nutritional ingredients including all the Natural Vitamins, 74+ Natural Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Whole Foods, Digestive Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Herbal-Botanical Elements and More. DAILYMetrix uses nature’s own technology, a super-concentrated Humic and Fulvic Acid powerhouse to deliver directly to the cells a full spectrum, cell-ready nutrition which helps to support your life, health and wellness.

DAILYMetrix provides a full-spectrum, NON-GMO, whole food wellness in liquid form. The independent group, The Physicians Desk Reference advises vitamins are 98% absorbed in liquid form but only 20% in pill form.

The DAILYMetrix Formula represents a NEW PARADIGM in supplementing alkalizing minerals and supporting nutrients to help support efforts to restore and maintain health and wellness. One of Fulvic’s important physiological functions is to safely remove heavy metals such as mercury it from the body. Fortunately, Fulvic allows the possibility to effectively supplement alkalizing minerals at concentrations that are more effective at restoring and maintaining a healthy alkaline balance in the body.

Humic and Fulvic are one of Nature’s most ferocious antioxidants because they can donate either a positive or a negative charge to neutralize a free radical on the spot, depending on which is needed.  Vitamins A, C & E and Selenium, nutrients they naturally carry, are also antioxidants and help reduce radical damage.

The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the Humic and Fulvic in DAILYMetrix is over -170 mV.

Why is ORP Important?

A -170 mV reading surpasses even the highest ORP of well-known food sources of flavonoid and polyphenol antioxidants such as blueberries and cranberries or alkalizing foods such as kale and spinach.

A -170 mV ORP makes Humic and Fulvic in DAILYMetrix a powerful antioxidant, ready to donate electrons to neutralize damaging free radicals.

Humic and Fulvic in DAILYMetrix are also ready to donate electrons to cell membranes to improve membrane dynamics, nutrients in and waste out.

These electrons are also vital to cellular mitochondria to improve energy production.

Research suggests:

Humic and Fulvic may support increased levels of CoQ10 in the mitochondria.*1 Humic and Fulvic Substances have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Fulvic has been suggested to help restore and sustain cellular energy.* Studies surmise that when Fulvic is combined with CoQ10, cellular energy gains may substantially increase.*

In a preliminary study, the combination of CoQ10 and Fulvic produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain, 40% better than CoQ10 alone.* In muscle there was a 144% increase, or 27% better than CoQ10 alone.*2


Research suggests that Fulvic works to boost CoQ10's beneficial effects by:

Fulvic stabilizes CoQ10 in its powerful ubiquinol form, thereby prolonging its action at the cellular level.*3,4

Fulvic facilitates more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria, supporting greater cellular energy output.*5

Scientific analysis suggests that Fulvic and Humic and other plant-derived essential substances promote mitochondrial metabolism.*1

Fulvic acids protect mitochondria against oxidative damage and reduce dangerous lipid peroxidation.*6

Part of Fulvic's beneficial effects derives from its ability to help the mitochondria convert fats and sugars into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the body's main source of energy.*5

Fulvic acids also work as "electron shuttles,"6 augmenting CoQ10 to speed and facilitate essential electron flow in mitochondria.*7-10

Easy to adhere to protocol; DAILYMetrix: 1 ounce of pleasant tasting liquid per day.


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What Doctors Are Saying

“This is one of the best products on the market. I brought it into the new clinic and patients are responding phenomenally.”
Dr. Bryon, MD

Being a Functional Health Doctor, it was important for me to know that we were truly supporting "Cellular Health" and ensuring that the products we recommended where highly bio-available. My clients have experienced profound improvements in their overall health and wellness and enjoy knowing that they are receiving maximum benefit from their supplementation without having to take multiple products. I highly recommend DAILYMetrix to all my colleagues and to anyone that is interested in improving their health and wellbeing!”
Dr. Hoover, NHD, BCIH  

“I began to implement DAILYMetrix into my clinic several years ago to help simplify the amount of products my clients were having to use for their daily supplementation.”
Dr. Stuart, ND

“Markit Healths’ fulvic and humic product is great. The one comment I consistently get from my patients that use them is that they sleep much better.”
Dr. Fred C, MD

“Since my introduction to Fulvic and Humic I feel a strong improvement in my muscle tone, mental and physical energy and an overall sense of well-being. My aging joint pains have greatly diminished and I share this information with all my patients. Thank you.”
Dr. R. DiOrio, DO