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Scientifically developed and clinically studied ingredients are an effective way to approach certain maladies the body may be combating. People with health problems need to rid themselves from the idea that addressing an issue with one condition specific supplement for a period of one month will yield results. When the body is out of balance and is representing any disease or pre-diseased state it is representing a physical state that has developed over years, so to think that 30 days of a particular supplement will fix the problem is just not true.



Condition Specific Formulas


Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids



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While our Comprehensive Vitality Packages Preferred Partner Program provides a complete system for long term profits, we also supply the most therapeutic formulations for overall cellular health and condition specific results. We fully understand individual results are directly related to the quality and absorption of the supplements they take to address their issues.

At the core of all our Comprehensive Vitality Packages are Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers and DAILYMetrix a Liquid Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral and Wholefood Complex. This is the Vitality Combo Package. These two products reset the body into a healthy state and many clients find their specific issues can be resolved simply by bringing the body back into a state of homeostasis. By adding a condition specific formula to directly address more pressing issues many people will increase results and reduce healing time.

The Vitality Combo Package creates an environment that allows the body to more efficiently utilize the nutrients supplied by the condition specific supplement in the package.

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Markit Health, LLC conducts comprehensive analyses into superior supplements and products that help create wellness. Thousands of hours of research and hundreds of interviews with doctors and scientists have prompted our company to offer an exclusive selection of Comprehensive Vitality Packages. All of our products are the most effective in their categories, and have substantial proof of their efficacy. These products are not available in any health store or vitamin shop but are used by hundreds of clinics and health care professionals across the United States and abroad.

We pay special attention to the following areas that lead to a superior end product.

Evidence-Based Ingredients
Therapeutic Potency
Superior Raw Materials
Top Rated Laboratories

These Comprehensive Vitality Packages have been created for one reason; to give an individual the most effective, synergistic, scientific approach to achieve their health goals. This nutritional supplementation approach addresses specific health issues and has been proven an effective method with benefits that reach beyond the desired result. These scientifically matched supplement combinations will help set a solid foundation, enabling a person to feel more vibrant throughout the day and also address more difficult wellness issues. Food and supplement protocols will be enhanced as these products have the ability to increase cellular absorption and provide full spectrum nutrients not found in typical diets. This system is referred to as Enhance Your Cells, Feed Your Cells and Focus on Your Issue.

These products also address another issue we have found through our thousands of customers, the issue of compliance. Many of our customers feel they are under capsule/tablet overload. Our products are easy to consume and our customers’ report feedback is that they actually enjoy taking them. For instance, DAILYMetrix is a pleasant tasting liquid and the Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids are delicious, berry-flavored wafers.

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